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About Tenshi Shop

Tenshi Shop is a shopping service for items from Japan.

Unlike large scale shopping services, Tenshi Shop is a one woman operation that is run solely by me, Tenshi!  I personally oversee all aspects of your request from start to finish, and you can expect personal communication directly with me throughout the ordering process.

I started Tenshi Shop around 2009 to help followers of Gothic and Lolita fashion on Live Journal’s EGL Community with purchases from Japan’s hard to access lolita fashion brands.  Over the next few years, my service grew beyond shopping for the EGL Community as my customers asked me buy a greater variety of items and recommended me to friends.  In 2014 I launched to be able to help more people.  Tenshi Shop still specializes in Japanese street fashion, but can help you purchase almost anything you find on Japanese online stores, auctions, app markets, and also offers in-store shopping for some physical stores.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or shopping requests you have.

Thank you for visiting!

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What is a Shopping Service?

Tenshi Shop can purchase items on your behalf and then send them to you!

As Your Personal Shopping Service, I Can Help You Buy Things from Japan!

How to get started

When you’ve found an item you’d like me to purchase for you, make sure to review my terms and conditions, check the FAQ, and contact me when you’re ready to buy!

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