Travel Notices

Tenshi will take short trips within Japan on the following dates:

January 22-23rd

February 18-19th

Response time may be slow during these periods, and no shipping will take place on these days.



Previous Travel:

Tenshi took a month long international trip from mid December 2023 to mid January 2024.  The information below will be left up as a reference for those that shopped during this period, until all orders from this period have been processed.

Travel Period: Dec, 12 2023- January 12, 2024


While Tenshi is away, shipping will stop completely.  All orders will be held and shipped after Tenshi returns to Japan.  Catching up from this trip is likely to take several weeks.  Rush orders and delivery by Christmas are not possible.

Last shipping date: Friday, Dec 8 2023.

Shipping expected to resume: around Jan 22, 2024

Communication/Response Time:

Tenshi will be in a totally different time zone than usual and will be spending time with family and friends for the holidays.  Response time will not be as prompt as you are used to.  If getting an immediate response is necessary or important to you, please keep in this in mind before submitting a request.

In-Store Shopping:

In store shopping will be mostly unavailable while Tenshi is away.  It will be possible to put items on hold by phone for someone to pick up for stores like BTSSB/ AatP and Angelic Pretty, but it will not be possible to participate in Angelic Pretty’s Saturday morning lottery releases for Dec 16, 23, 30, and Jan 6.  Tenshi will honor spot claims made for anything that releases during this period via phone and online ordering, but for Angelic Pretty especially, getting very competitive items may be difficult.  AP usually cools down on new releases around the New Year period as the focus switches to New Year’s Sales, so hopefully any major releases will be avoided.  Angelic Pretty Lucky Pack orders are closed.

Any preorders/MTOs that arrive during this time will be arranged for, please do not worry, someone will be able to pick up your order at the store if it comes in while Tenshi is away.

Spot Claims will be accepted during the travel period.

Online Shopping:

Online shopping will continue as usual while Tenshi is away.

Someone will be present to accept online orders as they arrive, including preorders that are due to release during Tenshi’s travel period.  Orders will stored and processed when Tenshi returns.

APP and Auction Shopping (Mercari, Rakuma, Yahoo Auctions, etc):

Tenshi currently plans to continue App/Auction shopping while away, but this is subject to change, and some requests may be denied at Tenshi’s discretion.  This type of shopping is risky while Tenshi is not present to physically open packages, so please be sure you understand the risk of APP/Auction shopping while Tenshi is away before requesting this type of shopping.

How App/Auction Shopping usually works:

Apps and Auction platforms hold the money from a buyer until the buyer confirms acceptance of the item, and only then do they release it to the seller.  This means that sellers are eager for buyers to accept the item promptly so they get paid.  Tenshi Shop does not usually inspect items closely, but does open packages as they arrive to check that the item is inside before doing the “acceptance notice.”  While Tenshi is away, someone will be available to accept packages, but they will not be opened.  It is unacceptable to ask a seller to wait a month for the acceptance notice, so packages must be accepted “blindly.” 

Risks of App/Auction Shopping while Tenshi is away:

Buying from private sellers/second hand markets always comes with some risk (please review Terms and Conditions for the general risks of App/Auction shopping) even while Tenshi is in Japan to accept the items as they come.  While not physically present, Tenshi will only be able to rely on tracking numbers to see if an item has been sent and arrived.  For this reason, Tenshi HIGHLY RECOMMENDS you stick to listings with traced shipping, especially the “platform backed shipping” if there is one.  If you buy an item that is sent via the most basic, untraced shipping, Tenshi will have no way of knowing if the seller ever shipped anything nor if it arrived.  Many sellers use basic shipping because it is cheap and most buyers want free shipping that is included in the price.  Generally sellers are willing to change the shipping to something more secure if the buyer agrees to cover the cost.

Even with traced shipping and confirming delivery via a tracking number, there is still risk!  Consider the following scenarios:

  • An item is sent with traced shipping, but is damaged in transit.  Usually Tenshi would see the damage as soon as it arrived and resolve the issue through the app/with the seller to the best of her ability. If this happens while Tenshi is away, the problem will not be discovered until after she returns, and it will be too late to do anything. You would have to pay in full for the damaged item.
  • An item is sent with traced shipping, but the seller accidentally mixes up the packages and sends Tenshi another person’s item or the incorrect item. If this happens while Tenshi is away, the incorrect item would not be discovered until after she returns, and it would likely be too late to do anything.  There is a chance the items could not be switched and you may have to accept the incorrect item.
  • While highly unlikely, a seller could purposely send the wrong item (a cheap book instead of an expensive dress) or an empty box.  Tenshi would only have the tracking number to rely on, so the issue would not be discovered until she returned and you would have to pay in full regardless.

With untraced shipping:

There will be no way of knowing if the seller sent anything, and no way of knowing anything arrived.  Buying untraced listings is always risky, but is especially so while Tenshi is not present to open packages as they arrive and try to resolve any issues as they arise.  It is not recommended unless you are totally OK with the fact you could end up with nothing for your money.

Thank you for always supporting Tenshi Shop, and for your understanding and patience during Tenshi’s extended travel.

Wishing everyone a great holiday season and a bright start to the New Year!