Travel Notices

Tenshi will make multiple trips within Japan during October 2023.

October 2nd-4th

October 11th-23rd

Services will remain open during all three periods, but response time, order processing time, and shipping will be disrupted.  Please review these caution points if you plan on shopping during the first three weeks of October.

  • No shipments will take place during these periods. Shipping days for October will be the 5th, 6th, 9th, 10th, 26th, 27th, and 31st.
  • Items might not arrive in time for Halloween if they not ready to ship by October 10th.
  • Timed releases (buying something at a specific time when it goes on sale) may not be possible in all cases during the travel period. 
  • If you are buying APP/Auction (Mercari, Rakuma, Yahoo Auctions) items, you are buying with the extra risk that I cannot confirm the contents of the package because I will not be home to check them myself.  If your listing has tracking, I will be able to see that a package has been delivered, but I won’t be able to confirm what is inside (i.e. if the seller sends an empty box or the wrong item, I won’t see it until I return and won’t be able to take any action against the seller). If you are buying untraced items, I won’t be able to confirm at all that it has arrived and you will be buying only on the seller’s word that they have shipped.  I highly suggest sticking to at least traced shipping listings if you want to buy from apps/auctions while I am away, but you must be OK with the risk regardless.
  • There will likely be a pile up of orders during these times that will require a period of catching up.  Your understanding is appreciated.

Please also be aware that Tenshi will be away (within Japan) from November 10th-13th and then away from Japan for about 3.5 weeks from mid December to mid January.  As the trip approaches, Tenshi will make a detailed post about how services will be affected.  If you are considering holiday shopping with Tenshi Shop, please keep it in mind.