Tenshi Shop Will Gladly Help With Pre-Orders, Reservations, and Spot Claims!

General Information

Tenshi Shop accepts pre-orders, reservations, and spot claim requests for pretty much every Japanese shop you can think of!

Most pre-orders can be done online and use the regular 5% commission rate. 

Particularly time consuming and complicated reservations use a special 10% commission rate.

If your reservation request is for Angelic Pretty, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, or Alice and the Pirates the special 10% commission rate always applies.  Please read the sections below for specific information about reservations for these brands.

Outside of these three brands, Tenshi will discuss with you before making your reservation if the special 10% commission rate will apply to your reservation request.

When will you need to pay for a pre-ordered item?

Some online stores charge at the time of ordering while others charge when shipping.

You should have funds ready when you contact Tenshi Shop about making your reservation.  Tenshi will explain how payment will work in the response to your request form.

Spot Claiming for Releases

For Angelic Pretty, BtSSB, and AaTP Releases, you must meet the following requirements to claim a spot:

  • You know which cut (OP, JSK, skirt, etc) / type of item(s) you want
  • You know which color(s) you want, even if you have to guess
  • You are OK with all aspects of design, sizing, and price as revealed at the time of your claim!
  • You have money ready to pay for your claim

If you meet these requirements, you are ready to claim a spot!  Please fully understand Tenshi Shop’s Terms and Conditions and use the Shopping Request Form to submit your request.

Spot claims are a 100% commitment!

After a claim is locked in, you cannot remove items from your claim, change the colors of already locked in items, or cancel your claim for any reason.  Please do not claim until you are 100% committed to the items you claim.

Cancellation of a claim may result in refusal of future claims.

Listing Back Ups

If there are other cuts/colors that you are open to, please inform me.  Listing back-ups increases your chance of getting an item. If your top choice becomes unavailable, I will purchase your back-up.  If you are flexible about color choice, listing the color as “any” is acceptable.

Spot Claim ≠ Guaranteed Purchase

Remember, locking in a spot claims does NOT guarantee purchase. There is a possibility that items will be sold out / not available.

Payment and Deposits

You may be asked to pay a partial deposit up front to hold your spot.  

Spot claim/reservation deposits are non-refundable unless your items sell out or become unavailable. In these cases, you will be fully refunded.

For Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Alice and the Pirates, and Angelic Pretty, the special commission rate (10%) always applies!

Brand Specific Reservations

Read detailed information about how releases work at Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Alice and the Pirates, and Angelic Pretty.

Baby the Stars Shine Bright and Alice and the Pirates:

Tenshi Shop will attempt reservations both online and in-store.  The online and in-store reservation systems differ and can be complicated to explain in detail.  The rules that Baby uses can also vary from release to release.

Generally, online and in-store reservations start at the same time, but the online system is “first come first serve” while the in-store system is a “lottery.”

Online Reservation System:

If possible, Tenshi will reserve pieces online exactly when the reservation page opens.  Once an item is reserved online, the reservation is immediately confirmed when payment is completed.  However, the number of items you are allowed to reserve online is strictly limited. For any pieces that cannot be reserved online, those requests will be entered into the in-store lottery. 

In-Store Lottery Reservation System:

With a lottery release, there is short window of about three days in which the store takes entries. A lottery entry is not a confirmed reservation.  It is not possible to cancel your entry for any reason. At the close of the lottery, winners will have their reservation confirmed and must purchase the item.

The perk of entering the lottery: Even if you do not win, if an item or series gets way more lottery entries than expected, Baby sometimes decides to do a “second production” or “re-release.”  This means they will order more of the in-demand items to be made so more customers can have their reservations fulfilled. 

If you lose in a lottery and a second production is decided, you will automatically get a spot for the second production!  Usually a second production comes out several months after the original production due to manufacturing time.

If you lose in a lottery and no second production is decided, unfortunately you will not be able to get the item.

In-Store “First Come First Serve” System:

Occasionally Baby will also do first come first serve reservations in store as well, and they may open before an item even appears on Baby’s online shop.  Usually this is for re-releases of “staple designs” and not new prints.  The best way to keep track is to watch the social media accounts of the various BTSSB and AatP stores in Japan, and the News and Store News sections of Baby’s official website. Tenshi Shop will announce some releases on social media as well.


Baby and AatP require a cash deposit to hold your reservation until the items arrive (in the case of online reservations, your credit card is charged when making the reservation).  When Tenshi Shop reserves for you, these payments will be made on your behalf, and generally you will not need to make the full payment until the item arrives to Tenshi and is ready to ship you. 

Deposits may still be needed for very expensive reservations, reservations which have a long wait until delivery, or for new shoppers who have yet to establish a shopping history with Tenshi Shop.

AP New Release Basics:

Tenshi does nearly all new Angelic Pretty releases in the store.  AP rarely uses a reservation system with deposits for new releases.  New items are released for sale weekly, usually on Saturdays.  Full payment is required on release day.

The build up to AP releases can be several months or less than 24 hours. A lot of time, organization, and communication / e-mailing at very late hours the night before a release are required before finally waiting in line at the store to draw a numbered ticket that gives timed entry for making purchases.  Items often sell out on release day.

Flow of AP Original Print/New Releases:

1. Angelic Pretty reveals new items via:

  • Fashion show in Tokyo (once a year, November or December).
  • Magazine ads.
  • Catalogs/Lookbooks (usually spring, summer, fall, winter).
  • Official social media accounts of AP, their stores, or their models.

When AP first reveals a new original print series or items, information about the release is incomplete – not all cuts and colorways have been revealed.  Sizing, materials, prices, and the exact release date are usually also unknown. Despite all these unknowns, this is usually when AP fans start claiming spots for release day because AP releases are often competitive. It can be months from first reveal to actual release.

2. AP announces on their official website which new releases are coming out on which day.

This is almost always on a Friday afternoon (Japan time) before a Saturday release, meaning there is usually less than 24 hours from release date announcement until the actual release.   At this point, sizing information, all cuts and colorways, materials, and prices are available on AP’s website.

3. New items are released in stores in Japan!

This is almost always Saturday mornings around 10-11AM. Tenshi will go line up for a lottery ticket to try to buy new releases for shoppers that have claimed spots.  On the same day at noon, new items are made available through AP’s Japanese online store.  Tenshi sometimes gets items on the online shop as well, but because popular items can sell out in literally seconds, Tenshi always tries in store first.

Made to Order Reservations:

Angelic Pretty also holds MTO (Made to Order) reservations from time to time. These are usually for re-releases of popular series or special, often Japan limited, collaborations.  The rules vary, but generally AP will order stock based on the number of requests they have received during a set “reservation period.” Please note that MTO does not mean made to size/your specifications.

An MTO is either:

Unlimited: As long as the request is made during the order period, the item is guaranteed. There is no limit on what you can order.

Limited: There is a cap on the number of items AP plans to order, so spots can fill up even before the order period finishes. There will sometimes be a limit on what you can order.

Items reserved through an MTO usually take between 4 and 8 months to be released due to manufacturing time and are subject to delays.  The payment system varies by MTO, but usually at least half is due up front, and some MTOs require full payment up front.  Tenshi will have special payment instructions for you, so please read messages carefully before making any MTO related payments.