Small Packet Shipping Resumes

Registered Airmail Small Packet is one of the four types of shipping that Tenshi Shop offers.  This service was suspended for nearly all countries at the start of COVID in 2020, but started to return to some countries in 2023.  It remained suspended for many of my most popular shipping destinations like the US, Canada, the UK, Germany, and France, but on October 1st, Japan Post finally resumed Registered Airmail Small Packet service to nearly all countries, including these.

Please read the following points if you are considering using Registered Airmail Small Packet:

  • Rates for Airmail Small Packet have increased compared to pre-COVID.  For small, inexpensive items it is still the most economical choice though.
  • Using Airmail Small Packet to ship valuable items is risky.  It can be insured for a maximum of 6,000 yen.  If your package is worth more than this and becomes lost, the most you can get back is 6,000 yen.  Shipping mishaps have increased across all shipping types compared to pre-COVID, ESPECIALLY FOR THE USA.  If you choose to ship with Airmail Small Packet for items worth over 6,000 yen, that is a risk that is completely on you as the shopper. Tenshi Shop will not be held responsible for refunding over this amount for lost or damaged Airmail Small Packet.
  • Airmail Small Packet comes with tracking, but it may not update outside of Japan depending on the destination.
  • Airmail Small Packet is shipped a maximum of once a week, excluding weekends and Japanese public holidays.  If you are in rush for your items, please do not chose it.

More info can be found in the Package Consolidation and Shipping Information of Tenshi Shop’s Terms and Conditions, as well as this news post with general information about shipping.

EMS remains Tenshi Shop’s recommended shipping type, especially for valuable packages or when you need prompt shipping.  Please use Airmail Small Packet only if you are OK with the risks pointed out above.