General Update and Closure Notice

Hello everyone!  This is a general status update for everyone with current services with me, those thinking about entering a service, or purchasing from the shop.   I have been unable to get any invoices out or new packages packed up at all this week, and I know lots of you are waiting on them, so I wanted to give a general update on what is going on.  The pictures from this month’s KERA and the combined apparent mission of Baby, Innocent World, Meta, and Angelic Pretty  to have us all living on ramen noodles so we can buy all their awesome releases has left me spending my entire evening just answering emails after I get home from work.  Please don’t worry, if we have an open order!  Your things will processed!

But there is some news!  Hopefully all my asking you guys to wait patiently all the time can end soon!  I will make a more detailed post later, but just a heads up to everyone that my service and the shop will be closing starting in August for a period of about one month.  However, when I come back I will be coming back with much more time to focus on shopping and maintaining the shop.  While Tenshishop will remain a one girl show when I reopen in September, with more time and energy to dedicate to what has become such a huge, fun, and awesome part of my life, I hope I can help even more people with shopping in Japan, and offer smoother shopping to all you lovely people that have stuck with me through the growing pains of my service.

The happy emails and “this is my outfit!!” pictures I get from all over the world are what keep me going even when I have 78 unread emails after only 6 hours of not checking it, hahaha!  Now to go answer some of them and get some invoices out!  Thank you guys so much!