New Lower Fees!

Thanks to recent changes here at Tenshishop, fees related to payment by Bank Transfer will, in most cases, be eliminated completely!  Usually when paying by Bank Transfer for a shopper’s items in Japan, the bank charges Tenshishop a transaction fee that is passed on to the shopper.  This mostly affects those buying from Yahoo! Japan Auctions, but the fee will also be lower or free in some cases with Online Shops that only take Bank Transfer as payment as well.  The changes are outlined below.

Before July 20, 2017:

Bank Transfer fees: 324-540 yen.

After July 20, 2017:

Bank Transfer fees: 0-432 yen.

In most cases the Bank Transfer Fee will be free (waived), but in some cases, depending on the seller/shop, the payment methods they accept, and the bank that they use in Japan, the fee will be up to 432 yen.

A small savings, but one that adds up especially when you win a lot of auctions at once! Passing this savings on to shoppers.

Happy Shopping!