Event Tickets and Net Print Services

Buying tickets for events, amusement parks, and concerts in Japan:

Now that Japan’s borders have reopened I am getting a lot of requests for services for concert and event tickets/reservations. However, over the course of COVID, ticketing systems in Japan have changed a lot and it has become very difficult for me to help people get tickets.

There has been a big move towards digital/no contact tickets in the last few years. Tickets are usually displayed or saved in an app on your smart phone or otherwise tied to the ticket account related to your Japanese phone number. It is often very complicated or impossible to transfer these tickets to non-Japanese phones. Even in the case of paper tickets that you pick up at the convenience store after reserving online, which used to be the norm, tickets now often have the name of the account holder printed on them as an anti-scalping prevention measure. This can cause issues when trying to enter the venue if they check IDs.

Some venues with a large number of overseas visitors may offer tickets through travel agents or websites specifically aimed at visitors coming from outside of Japan, so be sure to look into it before your trip. For example, one of the tickets I used to help people with the most were for the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka, which started offering ticket sales in English with payment by credit card.

If you are able to reserve your event tickets on your own, but need help paying the fee at the convenience store and possibly sending paper tickets ahead of your trip, I may be able to assist with this, so please contact me for more information. However, I will no longer be able to buy tickets with my own ticket accounts and phone number.

Net Print Services

I will no longer take requsts for Net Print services. Net Print is a service where you use a code to print posters, bromides, trading cards, pictures, and other such items at convenience store printing stations. It is usually used by small artists who share the codes on their social media. The printing process is simply too tedious, and since the prints are usually 100 yen or less, I make very little commission off the service compared to the time it takes to print multiple items.

You can check my Terms of Service (linked on each “service type” page as well as on the top and bottom of the Shopping Request Form) under “Items I Will Not Buy” for more details about items I cannot shop for.

Thanks for your support and understanding!