Tenshi Shop

Services Re-opened and News!

Hi all!  I am back from my trip to Tokyo and my service is reopen!  I look forward to getting your shopping requests via the shopping forms in the Shopping Services section.  It is good to be back!

Just some upcoming news, updates, and general information for you all:

1) I will be attending the  Angelic Pretty Princess Dreamy Carnival Tea Party in Tokyo in December- please look forward to possible special chance reservations!

2) The next expected service closure will be in late December, as I will have family visiting.  Details to follow.

3) I will be in Japan for the New Year’s season, which means I will be shopping for Lucky Packs.  I wanted to make a general announcement since I am already getting lots of mail about them.  Lucky Pack shopping will be on a special fee structure, to be determined and announced later.

4) Those of you interested in items from the recent BTSSB/AatP Tea Party in Tokyo, please remember you cannot claim a spot for an item until you are sure of the cut and color which you wish to claim.  I know it is killer waiting for news, but please hold out on trying to claim a spot unless you are already certain of the cut and color you want based on the fashion show only.  I eagerly await the magazine photos as well!