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Hello guys!  Just wanted to let you know that TenshiShop has an account on LaceMarket!I realize that some people might not know it is me, and wonder about bidding on “TenshiShop” listings there, but it is indeed me!  Mostly I sell personal items here that I have decided to part with here on the TenshiShop site, but every so often I will list something on LaceMarket as well, when I want to list just one or two items quickly.

Today I listed two pieces that I have been flip flopping on selling for awhile.  But if I can find them good homes, then so be it!  You can check out TenshiShop on LaceMarket here.  I am selling my AP Misty Sky OP in black and my Moi Meme Moitie Divine Cross JSK in black/gold (a very limited version!) and should they sell, I will ship them after I get back from holiday when I reopen my shopping service.  Hopefully there will be several items added to TenshiShop when I get back as well.

As always, thanks for considering my items!

Tenshi Shop
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