Terms of Service Update

Hello everyone!  Not a terribly exciting update today, but an important one. A quick note to ask that you have a look at my Terms of Service pages if you haven’t in awhile if you plan to shop soon, as there have been some small changes/notes added here and there.  Most notably:

  1. Items banned from shipping: Japan Post has gotten much stricter about shipping certain items over the last year.  I can no longer ship some beauty products (perfumes, nail polish, sprays), and items with batteries are also often an issue, so please understand if I have to refuse requests for these items.
  2. Sea Mail: I do not offer Sea Mail shipments unless special arrangements are made in advance. All 2kilo+ /large packages must be sent via EMS otherwise.  This is to avoid having to pack and repack boxes multiple times.
  3. Split Invoicing: I will not “split” or send lower valued invoices to go with your package.  If you need to make multiple payments on one invoice (for example, you want to pay half right away and the other half by the end of the 3 day payment window, or if you want to pay your invoice using two different funding sources), Paypal has a new feature that allows this.  Please tell me when you submit your form if you need split payment.  Please mail me directly if you have questions about package marking and invoicing.
  4. Shipping Address: I will ship to the address as it appears on your paid invoice.  If you need it shipped to another address aside from your usual address, I suggest that you register this address on Paypal.  If you cannot, I will also accept shipping to addresses that are pasted in the “Notes to Seller” section upon payment of your invoice.  The address must appear somewhere on the paid invoice, putting it in the shopping request form only, in general, is not enough. If you make a mistake and choose the wrong address, please notify me immediately and I will do my best to fix the address label before shipping.
  5. If your package seems to be lost: If you paid for a tracked method of shipment but your package has not arrived, please understand I must wait at least 1 month from the shipping date before starting the investigation process.  If the package is found to be actually lost, getting the insurance claim can take another 2 or so months.
  6. Concert Tickets: Previously I did not accept any requests for concert and event tickets, but due to some successful services, I am willing to make some exceptions depending on the event/venue and how the tickets go on sale (for example, I might be able to help reserve Studio Ghibli Museum tickets if you plan on visiting Japan).
  7. Combining TenshiShop and Shopping Service Items: If you want to buy something from the shop and have an open service, and would like to ship them in the same package, I am more than happy to, just let me know!

You can see the full Terms of Service for each type on shopping on their respective shopping pages, but here are direct links.  I know it is not the most exciting reading… but it will help our services go smoothly so you can get your goodies from Japan with no hiccups!

In Store Shopping TOS

Online Shopping TOS

Auction Shopping TOS

Thanks for reading!

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