Travel and Fee Announcements

Hello hello!

Can you believe it is already March?  Some business-y type but important announcements for TenshiShop this month, please check them out!

First: Travel Announcement 

  • Tenshi (that’s me!) will be traveling from March 13-23.
  • The Online Shop and Shopping Service will remain open, however no orders will be shipping during this period.  Shipping will not resume til late March.
  • Response times will be slow during this period.  Rush and urgent orders cannot be accepted.  Some services may have to be refused if I cannot complete because of being out of the country.
  • Those requesting shopping from Mercari, FRIL, and MBOK during this period understand they forfeit the buyer protection usually offered by these services.  Items will have to be “confirmed as arrived,” releasing the money to the seller, without Tenshi being able to check them personally as is usual.  It is considered very bad practice to hold the seller’s money after the item has arrived, so if something arrives while I’m away, I have to “confirm receipt of the item” and release the money to seller although I haven’t personally checked that the item has arrived.
  • After returning to Japan there will a backlog of invoicing and shipping.  Your understanding and patience is appreciated while Tenshi works to catch up!

Second: Fee Change Announcement 

There will be a slight rise in the Payment Processing Fee for shoppers outside of the U.S.  Currently it is 3.9% , but will rise to 4.4%.  This will affect invoices starting March 29th.