Tenshi Shop Website Update

Tenshi Shop relaunched its website as of August 14, 2023!

Several changes were made including:

Updated Terms and Conditions.  Terms and conditions for all types of services are now on one page.  The main change is that the minimum commission fee has been adjusted from 500 yen to $5.00USD.  The yen lost value and has been continually weak with no signs of recovery since around the start of the pandemic.  This has greatly lowered the minimum commission Tenshi’s makes on shopping services for several years now. This change puts Tenshi’s minimum commission fee back on par with what it was pre-pandemic.  Shoppers still greatly benefit from the weak yen!  It is a great time to buy things from Japan if you are abroad.

Consolidated Shopping Request Form.  All types of services are now requested from one form.

Renewed Frequently Asked Questions section.

Renewed Reservations and Spot Claiming section.

Renewed Estimator Calculators for each type of shopping (In-store, Online, App/Auction, scroll to the bottom of the page) to help you get easily get quotes for shopping you are considering.

Previous Tenshi Shop users will also notice a change in appearance and graphics.  The site now better supports viewing from a variety of devices/screen sizes and automatically recalibrates to support browsing on a smart phone, tablet, desktop, etc. Changes in the graphics are ongoing so please don’t be alarmed by continued changes in the appearance of the site.

Long time users of Tenshi Shop may notice that Tenshi Shop’s personal online shop (where Tenshi listed her own items for sale) is now completely disabled.  The online shop part of Tenshi Shop’s website had to be closed at the start of COVID due to shipping issues with the automated cart checkout system.  Hopefully one day the shop can be relaunched, but for now focus is on providing shopping services.

Thank you for your continued support of my one-woman shopping service!