Yamato Transport (UPS) Shipping

As Japan Post’s COVID19 related suspensions are likely to remain in place for some time for many countries, Tenshi Shop is offering an alternative shipping method that allows for immediate shipping to most places with EMS like speed and security.  Please read below to find out more about Japanese courier Yamato Transport and their International Ta-Q-Bin service, which is partnered with worldwide courier UPS.

What you can expect from this service:

  • Delivery time of 6-10 business days (national holidays  in either country will cause delays).
  • Liability coverage to 200,000 yen at no additional cost (or the marked value).
  • Tracking for the entirety of your package’s journey.

Yamato Transport is partnered with UPS (the United Postal Service).  The tracking page will update until the package leaves Japan, then a small button with “Detail” written on it will appear where you can track the package outside of Japan. Tracking is available in English.


What shoppers that have used this service and had their packages delivered report:

  • Packages being left unattended at the door or drop off point at your home
  • May or may not get a text or phone notification that a package was on the way/being delivered
  • Delivery person may or may not ring the door bell
  • No signature upon delivery or any physical contact with the delivery person
  • Items being delivered before the tracking updates


Yamato/UPS Pricing:

Yamato Transport prices are based on size, but the first two size classes are comparable to EMS pricing and will be a good alternative for those with the kinds of orders that I typically get, say of a dress or two, accessories, and other small to medium sized items.  Big bulky but light items will be pricier to ship than you are used to with EMS (so large stuffed animals, figures or anything with bulky packing, umbrellas, posters, etc).

Sizes classes for Yamato are 60cm, 80cm, 100cm, 120cm, 140cm, and 160cm.  This refers to the box size, so a 60cm box is a box that’s height + width + depth added together is 60 centimeters or less.  You can try measuring a box you have on hand to get an idea of the size.  Each size has a weight limit, but generally you will not meet this weight limit unless you are buying very dense things (like books), so I will not list the weight limit.  The overall weight limit of a Yamato box is 25 kilograms. They will not handle packages over 160cm is size or 25kg in weight.

*Rates below reflect the price increase effective April 1, 2023.

Approximate Rates for the North/Central America (excluding Canada and Mexico) and Oceania:

  • 60cm: $32
  • 80cm: $55
  • 100cm: $100
  • 120cm: $170
  • 140cm: $235
  • 160cm: $295

Approximate Rates for Europe (excluding Russia, Portugal) and the Middle East (excluding Qatar, Saudi Arabia):

  • 60cm: $37
  • 80cm: $60
  • 100cm: $115
  • 120cm: $185
  • 140cm: $270
  • 160cm: $345

Approximate Rates for South America (excluding Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil, Venezuela)

  • 60cm: $72
  • 80cm: $163
  • 100cm: $278
  • 120cm: $385
  • 140cm: $490
  • 160cm: $590

Yamato/UPS will also ship within Asia, but Japan Post services have been fully resumed within Asia and are cheaper.  If you live in Asia and want Yamato/UPS it is possible, but since most people in Asia stick with EMS or Registered Airmail/ePacket, I will not list the rates here.


Requesting Yamato Shipping:

If you are requesting a shopping service, you will notice that “Yamato Transport/UPS (Private Courier Air Transport)” is now available.  We can discuss details in follow up emails.

Surface Mail refers to a Japan Post shipping method by boat that is currently limited to only a few countries.  You can read more about it in the general COVID19 shipping info post. We can also discuss this if you are interested and live in a qualifying country.


Where Yamato cannot deliver:

Yamato Transport does not deliver to the following countries that also have Japan Post suspensions, so these countries must wait for the suspensions to be lifted for EMS-like service/speed shipping. The only option for these countries at this time is Surface Mail (with the exception of Canada, to which there are no direct shipping options at this time):

India, China, Philippines, Mongolia, Canada, Russia, Brazil, Venezuela, Paraguay, Mexico, Portugal, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Argentina

They will also not deliver to PO Boxes, you must provide a street address, whether it be that of a personal residence or a business.


What Yamato cannot deliver:

Yamato Transport has stricter rules about transporting some items than Japan Post, so some things I can usually send via Japan Post, I will not be able to send via Yamato Transport. It also varies more widely by country, so some care must be taken.  The following cannot be  sent regardless of country:

  • Lithium batteries, even when the battery is enclosed in the item.
  • Other batteries or items containing them.  If the batteries can be removed from the item it is generally OK, with the exception of lithium batteries.
  • Food, including snacks, drinks, and tea of any kind.
  • Most cosmetics including perfume, sprays, lipstick, contacts, etc. Anything that contains any kind of oil or ethanol/alcohol, even if the amount is very small.
  • Packages valued over 200,000 yen.


You will still need to exercise some patience with all shipping services as COVID19 continues to greatly disrupt the world shipping system.