Site Maintenance

Hey everyone!  Just a quick heads up the shop/site might go down at times this weekend as we make updates to comply with new Paypal checkout system standards for the Paypal checkout integrated in the the shop’s cart system.  This should not affect direct invoicing for shopping services, but the shopping request forms might be down from time to time, you might not be able to make purchases from the site temporarily, and parts of the site might looks a bit broken while the updates are made.  We hope to have everything taken care of by Monday, 14th  10 AM Japan Standard Time. If you have a pressing request and usual means of communication (the shopping request forms or the general contact form) are down, you can contact me at directly.

**Webmaster Update**

Request forms and stuff won’t be affected, major work is complete!

Still working on some code and compatibility issues, it’s a bit of a mess still but I’m making progress. Expect glitches (layout problems) for the next couple of days as I finish everything up. Any abnormalities are restricted to the store.

Sorry for any issues or worries!